Talent Recruitment

Talent Strategy: Adhere to the people-oriented, take talent as the survival and development of enterprises.
Develop human resources, scientific grasp of human nature and the inevitable law;
Combine employee personal development with company development effectively.
Train a larger number outstanding employees dedicated to their career.
Introduce competition mechanism, implement performance management; advocate equality of opportunity, and oppose equal distribution.
Establish a scientific and rational talent echelon, performance-oriented, talent selection, enhance the mechanism and advancement system.
Put the right people in the right place and do the right thing. Not only qualifications, education, adhere to the principle of application.
Built company as learning organization, establish a scientific staff training system, continue to learn advanced scientific management knowledge, enhance the ability and skills of employees at all levels.
Adhere to the introduction and cultivation of a combination of optimization of talent structure, prevent close relatives degradation.

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